1. Christmas Gifts: Organic Tea Chest! ($16)

    Apologies, first, dear readers. For I have again postponed (haha! “post” poned! …sorry) this entry due to unforeseen circumstances. But fear not, for I have another Greens-mas gift that is under $20!

    I just got back from Boston, where I spent a good amount of time (aka 2 hours) in the Prudential Center’s Teavana store (and stocked up on some good green tea!). So this gift is definitely at the top of my list.

    It’s an organic chest of tea! Made of bamboo!! All of the tasty, and all of the eco-friendly. I think this is one of the cutest gifts I’ve seen, and I think any tea-drinker out there would think the same. Just think of all the things you could put in that chest besides tea! I know I’d fill it with…

    Well, I suppose I’d fill it with tea. Haha…

    Moving past my obvious addiction, this chest includes 9 flavors:

    Morning Rise™ - Breakfast Blend of Black Teas
    Aged Earl Grey™ - Italian Bergamot Black Tea
    Berry Black™ - Darjeeling Black Tea
    Temple of Heaven™ - Gunpowder Green Tea
    Monkey King - Jasmine Green Tea
    Moonlight Spice™ - Orange Spice White Tea
    Simply Mint™ - Moroccan Herbal Teasan
    Mexican Fields™ - Lemongrass Herbal Teasan
    Sweet Meadows™ - Chamomile Lemon Myrtle Herbal Teasan

    From one tea-drinker to another, this is a definite (and cheap!) buy on a Greensmas list. :)

    Your green, green tea addict,


    greenchristmasgiftsunder $20organiceco-friendlyteabamboo

  2. Christmas Gifts: All the Better to Kiss You With Kit! ($18)

    First of all, dear readers, my apologies for the delay of this post. The day I decided to make my posts Sunday only, I neglected to remember that the following Sunday was my flight back from Italy! Needless to say, that took the entire day, and I spent yesterday sleeping off that jetlag. But I’m back! And with another new Christmas recommendation! :)

    When I think of Christmas, I inevitably think of mistletoe, and with mistletoe comes surprise kisses! So you need to be prepared, right?

    Here’s the answer to your green prayers: certified organic lip balm!

    All the Better to Kiss You With Holiday Kiss Kit (limited edition!) from Spirit Beauty Lounge includes 3 oh-so-tasty Holiday themed lip balms: Pepperminty, Chai Mandarin, and Pomegranate! Not only is it organic, but it comes in a recycled gift box! AND, it’s only $18!

    So break out the mistletoe, and practice your puckering! Because these are irresistable! :)

    Merry Kiss-mas to all, and to all, great lip balm!


    greenchristmasgiftlip balmorganiceco-friendlykissmistletoe

  3. Christmas Gifts: Seat Belts! ($20)

    Did you enjoy that title pun? As did I. And so begin my Christmas shopping recommendations!

    This ingenious design I found on the list 24 Exceptional Green Gifts for Under $20 hiding inside one of my new all-time favorite sites: The Daily Green.

    Not only is this belt far easier to unbuckle than the ones I’ve had, but YOU CAN PICK  WHICH KIND OF CAR IT COMES FROM: Cadillac, GM, or Chevy.

    How. Cool. Is. That. I feel like every single person I know needs one of these.

    What is so incredibly spectacular about this belt (not including its propensity towards cute puns) is that it is only $20 at Uncommon Goods. Any Christmas gift that’s $20 or under (AND ECO-FRIENDLY) is a win for me, and the rest of the list has amazing, inexpensive gifts as well. All of these belts are made from reclaimed seat belts of old Chevy, Cadillac or GM cars that lived past their glory days. Who knew they could serve so awesome a purpose?

    I hope this was satisfactory for my first hello-again post. The next few weeks will definitely be for the Christmas lists!

    Merry Greensmas? Jingle belts?

    Now I’m not even trying. No use in per-seat-vering? Huh? Huh?




    seat belteco-friendlyChristmas giftinexpensive

  4. Well… that was embarrassing…

    So, as you may have noticed, I’ve been neglecting this blog for a decently long time. Like since July. Nbd.

    I’ve been thinking it over, and I’ve realized that I’m going to have to take a new approach to Vive Viridis, because I still really want to post all the lovely things I find, but I’ve found that 6 days a week is a little overwhelming for me with my college-student-everything-happens-all-the-time-everywhere schedule.

    So. Starting now, every Sunday I will post something new. I know once a week is a big jump from how many posts I was making before, but my schedule now is so tied up with class, theater, exercise, and everything else under the sun, that anything more than once a week would probably make this blog seem like a chore to me. And I want it to be the opposite for both me and you, dear reader! The more stressed out I would get, the more passive-aggressive these posts would become. And you do not want to see my passive-aggressive face. I promise. It’s better for everyone.

    And, to make it up to you, I’m adding something new! I’m going to make this blog focus more on how to live green CHEAPLY. The cost of green living is something I struggle with as a poor, broke college student every day, and I want to help you, dear reader, be able to help the environment on any kind of budget!

    Also, I want you all to know that you should feel free to send me info on green things you think are awesome! I really want to see what you, dear reader, have found that I haven’t seen! :)

    I can’t wait to start this up again, and look out for a new post!

    …I’m baaaaack…


    green livinggreen in collegecheap greeneco-friendlyVive Viridis

  5. Friday: Bamboo Rake

    Sustainable rakes.

    Making yards a bit more green

    Since bamboo made rakes.

    HAIKU’D. Don’t worry, it happens. 

    This will be the shortest post possible!

    Bamboo rakes are made of bamboo (extremely sustainable resource). Buy them for as little as $3 on some shopping sites!





  6. Wednesday and Thursday: Rags2Rugs

    Guess what this rug is made of. Just guess.

    Are you guessing? 

    Because it’s probably not what you think it is. 

    Actually it probably is if you saw the blue. 



    IT’S MADE OF JEANS, OKAY GUYS? Geez. You take the fun out of everything. 



    This is one of over 120 low-priced, handwoven rugs that Rags2RugsandMore offers on Etsy (handmade superstore website you should know about if you don’t already - check it out). Not only are these rugs homemade, and lovingly constructed, but they are made out of COMPLETELY RECYCLED MATERIALS. This includes bedsheets, shirts, curtains, socks, sweaters, jeans, EVERYTHING. How amazing is that? 

    And if you’re wondering why I am pushing these rugs for both my Wednesday and Thursday posts, it’s because you can use them in both your bedroom AND living room! There are so many colors and designs available, you are bound to find something that can fit in any room in your house. These can even be used for the bathroom or the garage! They’re multipurpose (a new favorite word) and green! 

    Recycling (or, another favorite word, repurposing) materials is an extremely good and cost-effective way to reduce your environmental impact. These rugs are a great example of repurposed materials, and they look great! So check out Rags2RugsandMore - it’s a wonderful store with so much to offer. 



    rags2rugsthursdaywednesdayliving roombedroomeco-friendlyrugsrecyclingrepurposed

  7. Tuesday: Organic Cotton Tablecloths

    Today, I happened to talk to dearest mother about my post re: recycled glass tiles yesterday, which she wants to use to update a couple of bathrooms in the house (woot!). So, naturally, I asked her what she wanted to see for today (Dining Room Day) and she gave me the best idea ever: TABLECLOTHS! 

    I, personally, am a great fan of tablecloths. A haiku:

    Easy to launder

    They protect your wood table

    And catch beverages.

    *chorus of snaps*

    You can have your tablecloth, but you know what’s even better? ORGANIC COTTON. 

    Therefore, the logical combination is: Tablecloth + Organic Cotton = …doggie?

    Apologies, I’m babysitting my landlord’s dog Rubee, and she is super cute, as doggies are. 

    Anyway, logical equation = ORGANIC COTTON TABLECLOTHS.

    There are a number of beautiful organic cotton cloths on the internet, but this site in particular has a couple of gorgeous colors: Bodrum Linens. Also, every one of their linens is organic cotton, so help them out! :) They have some wonderful things.

    Organic cotton, as I’ve posted about before, is much more environmentally friendly than regular cotton. While cotton makes up 50% of the world’s fiber needs, almost all of it is grown with toxic chemicals. Cotton uses 55 million pounds of pesticides a year that are considered to be the most toxic in the world, the risks of which include birth defects, reproductive disorders and weak immune systems. Organic cotton, on the other hand, is grown completely without toxic chemicals and helps reduce the overall environmental impact of cotton. Read more about it here :)

    So, dear, anonymous, now haiku-admiring readers, buy organic cotton. It’s better for both you and your table. And it’s PRETTY. 

    Doggies love it, right Rubee? Yes they do, yes they do…




    tuesdayorganiccottontableclothdoggiedining roomeco-friendlyenvironment

  8. Monday: Recycled Glass Tiles

    I must, dear readers, apologize (again) profusely for failing to update you for the past few weeks with the latest in green interior design. I don’t believe in “there’s no excuse,” and therefore here is a list of reasons that I have been ignoring you in hopes of gaining your sympathy

    1. HGTV. Holy crap, House Hunters. Stop controlling my life.

    2. Joblessness (AKA job hunting). Economy fail.

    3. Fencing tournaments (sympathy stretch, I know). 

    4. Went to Santa Fe to meet boyfriend’s family (don’t even try to pretend you wouldn’t).

    5. I’ve been seeing another website. I know you’re green with envy (HA), but he’s beautiful, eco-friendly, and most importantly, knows everything about the environment. Check him out and writhe in jealousy: GreenAnswers.com

    …but he’s not as good as you guys. You know I was just kidding, right? You’re all the world to me, anonymous readers. I promise I’ll cap myself at 7 questions a night from now on. Promise.  


    Here’s the newest and best of my knowledge in green design: eco-friendly recycled glass tile. I saw this in the source of much of my inspiration, Chicago’s Museum of Science & Industry’s Smart Home. If you’re in the area, it’s a great exhibit and it ends January 2011, so get on that. Please.

    This particular tile is from Bedrock Industries, made completely from 100% recycled post-consumer glass. There has been a great surge in recycled glass tile sales within the past few years because of the green movement in the U.S. Recycled glass tile is among the greenest furnishing you can choose for your bathroom because it not only reduces space in landfills through recycling, but also reduces fossil fuel consumption because it takes much less energy to reform glass than to make tile from scratch.

    So, if you want a green bathroom, anything recycled would definitely be the way to go. There are so many organic and recycled things you can buy today, you can easily furnish your bathroom with completely recycled objects, including toothbrushes, towels, sinks, cleaning products, even toilet paper (and toilets). The website for Bedrock Industries is here, and you can check out more images of recycled glass tile and reasons you will want it at 6 Beautiful Reasons to Use Recycled Glass Tile

    So, readers, if you weren’t anticipating this already:

    ….I’m baaaaack…



  9. Thursday: Sun Jar

    Apologies to begin with, dear readers, for a distinct lack of posts the past few days. Finals week is craaazyyy and I was doing way more work than anyone should. But fret you shall not! I am now back for your reading pleasure :)

    So now because I’ve deprived you of three days of posts, I’m going to make up for it by showing you all something AWESOME.

    What is Thursday supposed to be again? Living room day? Screw it. It is beautiful in Chicago and today is OUTSIDE DAY in my book. 

    So, without further ado…


    Behold the Sun Jar! A traditional mason jar with a high tech, energy efficient twist. Inside the jar is a highly efficient solar cell, a rechargeable battery, and a low energy LED lamp. When left in the sun for extended periods of time, the solar cell charges the battery, then when it becomes dark, you simply turn on the switch and LET THERE BE LIGHT! You have light.

    Not only are Sun Jars the prettiest products in existence (*drool*), but they are perfect for outdoors, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, anything! You can make an entire room just for these jars! Don’t let me tell you I haven’t considered it.

    These are made by the same company that gave you the Flower Grenade, SUCK UK. More information on their website here. You can also find these for as little as $9.41 here


    Your great green godliness,


    greenlivingsunjarmasonthursdayoutsideoutdoorssuck uksolarenergycutecool

  10. Saturday: Bella Cupcake Wrappers

    Yet again, it is that magical day. Saturday.

    Kitchen day.


    So earlier I asked myself, “What do you want to bake today, Annie?”

    And I answered, “I think I would like to bake cupcakes, Annie.”

    "But Annie, those are so caloric. Are you sure about that?"

    "YES, Annie. Please stop reminding me about my ever-present sweet tooth."

    "But Annie, you’ve gained 10 pounds since you started dating that guy who makes you breakfast sandwiches every morning."


    …so the conversation went somewhat like that until my third self intervened and, as a mediatory technique, suggested that I look up eco-friendly cupcakes on zee internets.

    And this appeared.

    ECO-FRIENDLY CUPCAKE WRAPPERS. This is such a great find for me. Not only do these look so cute and sophisticated, but they are made out of completely eco-friendly materials! The paper is 100% recycled, and the printing on the wrappers is done in SOY INK (how do you even make soy ink?? That’s so cool!). These beautiful designs dress up all your cupcakes in refined, eco-chic style! They’re absolutely perfect for parties, baby showers, weddings, anything! 

    So next time you find yourself arguing with yourself about recent lifestyle choices, breakfast sandwiches, and the like - just remember Bella Cupcake Wrappers. And make some cupcakes. Because nothing (NOTHING) is better than cute, eco-friendly cupcakes.

    …except those breakfast sandwiches. Goddamn.

    You can find all of Bella Cupcake Wrappers’ products on their website here. I guarantee you will not be disappointed in every single one of their wrappers. 

    Your schizophrenic sweets supporter,

    Annie (… Annie… and Annie)